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2in1 Satin Crib Mattress Slip — Sweet Pea

Hair loss during infancy is common, but you can support babys regrowth or even prevent significant balding, fallout and tangling by caring for their hair early with the ultimate #MommyHack, Sweet Crowns Satin 2in1 Crib Mattress Slip! 

Made with a delicate & premium Satin Tricot, the top portion of the slip is silky, smooth & cool, reducing friction and provides a silky surface for the babys head to rest. It also has a stretchable spandex bottom panel that adjusts to various widths creating a snug fit. Tricot material is not only luxurious to touch, but its durable for everyday wear and tear and is an ideal fabric that is close to the skin. 

Our grow-with-you concept has a center-load envelope on the underside that fits a toddler-sized pillow (13x 18) when baby is ready to transition*.

*The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not using a pillow until age 2. 


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